Answers and a Question


I ran into the same issues listed here: Sales Analytics not working correctly AND question around the Dept pages. I am building this up on top of the May 2006 CRM demo VM.
Answer 1: attached is new code that makes the Sales Analytics work correctly. A new project with new reports and also a new scorecard file is in the zip file. This worked well for me and now Sales Analytics is fully functional. Service Analytics worked OK for me the first time.
Answer 2: The dept pages in the demo are not supported with a UDM (evidently they were in the past or they had thought they would support these) just delete the missing webparts. They are very basic.
Question 1: I am not able to get the ideal oppt report to work on the Oppt form. It comes back blank, is this working for anyone? I am trying to track down a fix for this but thought I would ask here because it could be just a problem for me?
Question 2: Does anyone have a good strategy to change or at least stop the cache utility from hosing the demo from time to time...anyone else experiencing issues that seem related to the cache utility in the demo?
Observation: the VM runs very slowly for the integrated analytics reports back into CRM, It is doing a lot of work for sure and currently is not workable for a demo (on my laptop). I am going to run the VM on a beefier, server class machine this week and I hope this helps....